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May 6

Aliens starring Bill Paxton as Private Hudson in Game Over moment after landing craft crashes

"Game over, man.
Game over!"

Are you a FREAK
or just a

Action Movie Fans can watch
other genres in comfort.
Action Movie FREAKS will start shifting in their seats 10 minutes into a movie where nothing has crashed or been blown up yet . . .

Action Movie Fans
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 popular action movies.
"I'll be back!" 
"Make My Day!"

Action Movie FREAKS try to work
their favorite quotes into
conversation all the time! 
"God has his tricks, but getting
[paper jams out of copiers],
that's one of mine.*"

Action Movie Fans
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a handful of times.
Action Movie FREAKS can recite
the entire opening scene
word-for-word from at least 2 movies they're obsessed with!

"The Hovitos are near,
the poison is still fresh, 3 days, they're following us . . . "

"They are an army, unlike any other, crusading across the stars toward . . . "

And if you can easily finish
this entire quote: 
"I know what you're thinking,
did he fire 6 shots,
or only 5 . . . "

.44 magnum 

just admit it now,
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to call yourself an

Action Movie FREAK

Action Movie Fans can stomach
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Action Movie FREAKS will clap when the action reaches its gross-out best! Remember the incredible opening of Ninja Assassin . . . 
What's that? You didn't see
"Ninja Assassin"?
Then you're an
Action Movie Fan.
Let's start again.

Remember the incredible opening of Ninja Assassin, which ended when the blood splatter becomes the title 
 Ninja Assassin blood splatter title
you knew it was coming, but you clapped anyway! (Yes, true Action Movie FREAKS clap when the violence is really good like horror movie fans laugh when it gets really gross)  If, right about now, you're shaking your head or laughing,
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If you're all fired up . . . 

"Welcome to the Jungle!"

You're an
Action Movie FREAK!

"God has his tricks, but gettin' outta places no one else can, that's one of mine."


The Villainess on the hood with the axe

Greatest Action Movie moment ever Rambo: First Blood Part II wall of mud

Wonder Woman

Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible

Aliens one of the greatest ever Action Movies

Sylvester Stallone The Untouchables

Trinity in the phone booth in The Matrix

Michael Jai White, Never Back Down: No Surrender

Ilsa Faust motorcyle behind the scenes

Lucy Lawless and stunt double Zoe Bell as Xena Warrior Princess

Tom Cruise Edge of Tomorrow

Jet Li Unleashed

Dwayne Johnson as Hercules

Dina Meyer as Dizzy Flores from Starship Troopers bad ass action movie chick

Jeannie Epper, Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman stunt double, holds her like a bride

The Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger

Felicity Jones as Jyn Erso in Rogue One

Tom Cruise rock climbing in Mission: Impossible II

Amy Barnes as Doomsday warrior girl

Chris Hemsworth as Thor

Cobie Smulders throws down in Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

Action Movie Bad Ass Chick Jennette Goldstein as Vasquez in Aliens

Terminator Salvation with Christian Bale aka Mumbles

stunt double Heidi Moneymaker as Black Widow

Jean-Claude van Damme bites the tail off a rattlesnake in John Woo's Hard Target

bad ass action movie chick Kate Nauta in Transporter 2

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool

Sylvester Stallone as John Rambo in Rambo

Geena Davis in The Long Kiss Goodnight

Andrea James Lui bad ass action movie chick in close space fight in Bail Enforcers

Peter Weller as Robocop-an Action Movie Classic

The incomparable Jackie Chan's clocktower stunt in Project A

Milla Jovovich as Alice in Resident Evil Apocalypse bad ass action movie chick

stunt double Dayna Grant as Furiosa

Keanu Reeves as John Wick seeing double

Dolph Lundgren Universal Soldier Action Movie Classic

The immortal Bruce Lee

Wesley Snipes Gallowwalkers

Olga Kurylenko as Etain from Centurion bad ass action movie chick

Keanu Reeves as Neo in The Matrix bullet time

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Commando

Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor

Mission:Impossible III starring Tom Cruise in the bridge scene

Joyce Godenzi in Eastern Condors

Predator starring Arnold as Dutch and Arnold's biceps

Michelle Yeoh in Tomorrow Never Dies

Chuck Norris with guns in both hands in front of an American flag

JeeJa Yanin in Chocolate with a kick to the head

Sammo Kam-bo Hung in Eastern Condors

Chris Pine in Jurassic World

Steven Seagal holding a machette in Above the Law

Gina Carano in Haywire

Scott Adkins as Boyka

Ronda Rousey in The Expendables 3

Act of Valor swamp scene

Bruce Willis in Die Hard 2 ejector seat scene


Everything you love about ACTION MOVIES

The Essentials that make a great Action Movie
The gotta-have-it Trash Talking of the Action Movie BAD ASS
The Good and the Bad Action Movies by your favorite Action Figures
Looking for something specific? It's on the Hit List, and . . . 



John Cena brings the ACTION in Freelance 10/6
June 14, 2023

"D'you know that feeling when you're doing exactly what you were put on the Earth to do? The one where it's like everything inside you is moving together in harmony with the Universe . . ." Ah ,yes! That's what it looks like to me. John Cena doing action movies. Yes, please. Gimme more.

Cena stars as a "one man security team" and it's giving Commando vibes. At the very least, it looks like fun and I'm hoping it doesn't disappoint like The Meg did (pouting). It's got all the Action Movie Essentials: BIG, beefy, good looking HERO (check), Explosions and Chases (check), Boy Toys, a Close Quarters Fight, High Killcount, Gnarly Kills, Trash Talking (I see you!), Cheesy One-Lines (hello, it's John Cena), Camaraderie and Dominance, a Whiner, and its gives you The RUSH!



Meg 2: The Trench image showing a small boat about to be eaten by a Megalodon

Wu Jing aka Jacky Wu joins Jason Statham in
Meg 2:The Trench Opening 8/4
June 14, 2023

The first movie, The Meg, was so much fun, I remember thinking "I wish it wasn't over" when it ended. It was the perfect summer movie back in August of 2018. I only just watched this trailer today, and to my surprise up popped Wu Jing aka "Jacky Wu"! Here are a couple of screencaps of him in action:

Wu Jing aka Jacky Wu jumps out of a helicopter in Meg 2: The Trench

Wu Jing aka Jacky Wu in mech suit in Meg 2: The Trench

I was psyched before, but now, I'm super psyched. The part where the crew is down in the trench looks like a house of horrors. Should be fun. I love the comedy mixed with the action and the horror. The trailer gives a lot away but I see it's also in 3D so I'm sure it will be super cring-y and it'll feel like you're about to be eaten I couple times. Can't wait!



Hidden Strike movie poster

Jackie Chan teams up with John Cena in Hidden Strike
June 10, 2023

I bet your first thought was "Is this really the first Jackie Chan and John Cena movie?" The residue of hearing about it a while back lingers but it is the first time because this is the movie SNAFU that was never released. According to Empire, the film was announced back in 2017 as Ex-Baghdad with Chan and Sylvester Stallone but Stallone was out (Creed 2 conflicts was the reason according to IMDb Trivia) then Cena came in, and they changed the title to Project X-Traction before it became SNAFU.

So it's a Buddy Movie. Gotta love Action Comedy. Nobody's better at it than Jackie Chan. It will be released some time in 2023 (Collider confirms its coming to the big screen) but there's no official data as yet on IMDb. In this Interview on YouTube, John Cena says he asked to be a part of the movie. I think they make a great team! John Cena's doing really well with learning the language. Smart move on his part. This article by says Cena starting learning Mandarin back in 2012. His now fluent. I remember (and the article mentions) that the WWE supported his efforts so that wrestling could expand into China.


I'm sure Wrestling Fans remember and were impressed with this 2016 press conference in China, when John spoke fluently.




The Expend4bles Trailer: The Trash Talking You've Been Missing
June 7, 2023

Finally, a movie that FEELS LIKE an ACTION MOVIE and not just another movie with action! Leave it to the best of the best to make this trailer that leaves you with that Pumped-Up feeling any true Action Movie should leave you with. It meets ALL the Action Movie Essentials: MANY big, beefy, good looking HERO types, Explosions and Chases, Boy Toys (Gadgets, Weapons, Vehicles), Close-Quarters Fight(s), a High Killcount, Gnarly Kills, and Trash Talking—the requisite, mandatory, indispensable, and oh-so-satisfying cheesy one-liners.

"Now that's what I'm talking about!"

So, who's in it?

Sylvester Stallone

Barney Ross | Sylvester Stallone    

Thank you Sylvester Stallone for making ACTION Movies starring the people we want to see! He's also smart at merchandising himself—check out his shop if you haven't already. I noticed one of the writers is "Tad Daggerhart." Doesn't that sound like an Expendables character name? Like . . . how sad is the story? It's a tad dagger-to-the-heart. Couldn't help but wonder if it was a pen name for Stallone.


Jason Statham

Lee Christmas | Jason Statham

Every time I see Jason Statham now, I am so glad he's still with us after hearing about his near-death accident in The Expendables 3 (hear him explain to Jimmy Fallon with video from the incident). You know it's a near-death experience when you have the "is-how-it-ends?" moment. Since he's a total bad ass, keeping his cool under extreme pressure and making it out alive, they can all yuk it up afterwards as it shows in the video. But if he had died that day, I don't think any of them who were present would have ever been the same. Thank you God for his training as a diver and the fact that he's always in excellent physical shape. Can you imagine if Steven Seagal was in his place?

The chemistry between Statham and Stallone is the heart of these movies for me. Every time I look at them, I wonder what it feels like to be on a buddy-buddy level like that with Stallone, but Statham is an action God in his own right so now I feel like, of course Statham, who else? He's really great at everything he does. Action Movies never give credit for the acting. He's even got a gift for Comedy. He killed in Spy. Did you expect him to steal the show like that? Seriously, SO FUNNY. But, the scene that stays with me always is from Transporter 3 where he sits up in the blue boxers. What a perfect physique!

Dolph Lundgren Gunner Jensen | Dolph Lundgren

And speaking of perfect physiques, Hans "Dolph" Lundgren played He-Man and Ivan Drago. Being able to pull off a leather bikini look and be a threat to Rocky, that's a lot. But then, he's also got the skills and the brains too. Not only is Dolph a martial artist/champion, but he earned a Master's degree in Chemical Engineering and gave up a Fulbright Scholarship (1983) to MIT to study acting! His first on-screen appearance (1985) in A View To A Kill left a big impact on me. Kind of like Tom Cruise in Endless Love—they appeared and it was a WHO-IS-THAT?! reaction. But I am not the biggest Dolph fan. I don't know, he's kind of too perfect/too handsome to seem real. That worked in his favor as a Universal Soldier. Dolph is a part of the '80s (and '90s) Action Movie lore: Masters of the Universe, Red Scorpion, The Punisher, Dark Angel ("I Come in Peace"), and so many more even to the present day. His career of/contributions to Action Movies is ultra impressive.

He's known for the "I must break you" line from Rocky IV and "And you go in pieces." from I Come in Peace. Damn, we love those cheesy one liners!

Tony Jaa (Character Name?) | Tony Jaa

Japanom Yeerum aka Tony Jaa is easily in the top five most impressive martial artists. Bringing a lot of attention to Muay Thai after the Ong-Bak movies, Tony Jaa is also skilled in Muay Boran, Wushu, Judo, and Tae-Kwan-Do. He got his start doing some stunt work for Panna Rittikrai (of Born to Fight fame—the holy grail of practical stunts). After he was seen as a stunt double for Robin Shou and James Remar in Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, his demo reel was seen by Director Pracha Pinkaew who created Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior for him (actually his sixth role). For Ong Bak 2 and 3 Tony has writing and directing credits with Panna Rittikrai. Watching any one of his movies will put you in awe. He really puts his all into fight scenes and his power behind a kick or an elbow looks all too real. I really loved him in Monster Hunter. I'd love to see more of him in lead roles like that. His physicality in this role will leave you feeling exhausted just sitting in a chair. Such skills!

I love that his fierceness is in opposition to his super kind nature, like Iko Uwais, he's a two-sided coin and that makes them all the more fascinating.

Iko Uwais Rahmat | Iko Uwais

Iko Uwais' breakout role was his first, and what a first impression it was. Merantau (2009) should be required watching for all humans. SUCH a great movie. The fight scenes are incomparable. Everyone in it does a great job, especially the villain, played by Mads Koudal. Like Tony Jaa and Muay Thai, Iko Uwais put Silat on the map, as well as writer-director Gareth Evans. And don't be fooled by Iko's boyish looks and humble demeanor, he's can kick the McShit out of you. In 2009, when Merantau came out, he was 26. He is now 40 but sure doesn't look it. According to IMDb, his grandfather was a master of silat and founded a Silat school. Iko started learning Silat at age 10 and became the National Champion in 2005. Gareth Evans visited the Silat school for a documentary in 2007, and the rest is history. Iko is now known for The Raid: Redemption and The Raid 2.

After The Raid: Redemption he was in Man of Tai Chi and after The Raid 2, he appeared in Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens. As they say, cream rises. His next movie was Headshot. If you haven't seen it, you should. He's done 8 movies since then including Mile 22 with Mark Wahlberg. His skills makes everyone else look like amateurs. His acting has always been great but in Mile 22, he outshone everyone, making me wish he had a larger role. And of course, just a year later, 10 years from Merantau was part of the top tier in Triple Threat

Randy Couture Toll Road | Randy "The Natural" Couture

By the book, Randy Couture is a former collegiate wrestler and Olympic alternate, US Army Sergeant (1982-88 101st Airborne Division, light infantry/air assault—notable members include Jimi Hendrix and Colin Powell), and UFC Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight Champion turned actor. At 6' 1," he's 203 pounds and currently 59 years old. When he made his MMA debut in UFC 13 in 1997 he was part of a four-man heavyweight tournament where he beat two opponents who were larger: Tony Halme who outweighed him by almost 100 pounds in under a minute, and Steven Graham (290 lbs.) three minutes into the first round. He retired from his illustrious fighting career (1997-2011) at age 47. Wikipedia has a huge list of his MMA/UFC championships and matches, including the Hall of Fame in 2006.

"On October 23, 2019, Couture suffered a heart attack after training and walked himself to a nearby hospital. Following a successful operation, Couture made a full recovery." (Wikipedia) Talk about tough. He lost twice to Chuck Lidell but beat him the third time they fought. He even survived UFC 91 against Brock Lesnar (6' 3," 287 lbs.), although he lost by TKO.  (6' 3", 290 lbs., 14 years younger) although he lost by TKO in the second round. To even go up against the beast that is Brock Lesnar says a lot at age 45 and post "retirement." #SRSLY what a bad ass.

His acting career began with a small part in Cradle 2 the Grave in 2003. Just before he appeared in The Expendables in 2010, he was in The Scorpion King 2: Rise of the Warrior.


  Easy Day | Curtis James "50 Cent" Jackson III

50 Cent has such an entertaining and engaging personality, he'll fit right in and bring the comedy. He's also enormous (6' 1")—and the more muscle, the better. He was offered the role of Hale Caesar in 2010, but prior commitments prevented him from accepting.

A true rags-to-riches story, at age 8, 50 Cent lost his drug-dealing mother in a fire and was raised by his grandmother (Wikipedia). He began dealing drugs in primary school, and began boxing at age 11. He was eventually arrested (1994) for dealing cocaine but served only 6 months in a boot camp (instead of his 3-9 year prison sentence) and earned his GED. His rap career, starting in 1996, included help from Jam Master Jay of Run-DMC. In 2002 (after the infamous 2000 shooting where he survived 9 bullet wounds at close range), Eminem brought him to L.A. to meet Dr. Dre. and the rest is history.


  Galan | Jacob Scipio

You know Jacob Scipio as the villain from Bad Boys for Life, and he may look/be cast as Hispanic, but he's Indo-Guyanese and English from London. He had a small role "Sonar 2" in Gerard Butler's Hunter Killer (loved that movie).  


image Lash | Levy Tran
image Gina | Megan Fox
image Marsh | Andy Garcia
image 2nd Unit Director | Brian Smrz


Johnny Strong's Directorial Debut: Warhorse One 6/30
May 23, 2023

From YouTube:  In Select Theaters June 30 |  On Digital July 4, 2023 "After a SEAL team helicopter is downed during a rescue mission in Afghanistan, the lone surviving operator must evade hostile insurgents and navigate rough terrain to guide the one living civilian—a traumatized child—to safety."

This is Johnny Strong's (co-)directorial debut with William Kaufman. William Kaufman's directorial debut was Sinners and Saints starring Johnny Strong. WHAT A MOVIE! I was lucky enough to see it at the last year of ActionFest in 2012, when Johnny Strong, William Kaufman, and Tom Berenger all appeared to talk about the film. (Read about it here.) Johnny also did the soundtrack for Sinners and Saints and made the knives used in the film. He also does the music for this movie. IMDb doesn't list any Second Unit Director or Stunt credits at all for Warhorse One BUT it's Johnny Strong and William Kaufman. Think Scott Adkins and Isaac Florentine, it's a given it's going to be great.

Mike Fury's Life of Action book cover showing Scott Adkins as BoykaJohnny Strong is 48 now. He started out acting but then took a 10-year break to further his martial arts experience by training in Jiu Jitsui (black belt) and to make music. I love that he makes his art on his own terms. He was featured in the first volume of Mike Fury's book Life of Action. The section on Johnny gives some insight to his creative approach to moviemaking: "Now I'm in a position where I'm playing leads, helping develop scripts, and scoring the music, and I feel the fulfillment is much stronger."

When asked "What work are you most proud of?" Strong answered Fury like this: " I think I'm proud of everything I do at the time. That's one of the reasons I have a pretty small resume because I don't like to regret things later. I just choose projects that interest me and I try to be as honest and open as I can in my performance. Even though I played small roles, when I look at films like The Glimmer Man or Get Carter, I'm proud of certain scenes because I feel the delivery is real.' YES! And he is a great actor so I am certain Warhorse One will deliver. The article on him is fascinating because he's such an interesting person. It says a year after he started making knives he got the cover of Blade Magazine (on his website, he lists a second cover, impressive). If you haven't seen Sinners and Saints, I could say watch it just for the knife fight, but the whole movie's amazing. SERIOUSLY. The knives used in the movie are super cool, and the knife fight is just at the top! It makes you wish there was a knife fight this great in every Action Movie.

On directing, Strong said he had "an idea in mind for something and [he had] a specific style and idea of the shape it would take." I can't wait to see what he does as a Director! He lives and breathes Action Movies, and he's just a super cool person. So much talent! He was great in Daylight's End as well (also his musical score).

In this fascinating "Bulletproof Workshop" Podcast episode, Johnny talks about his early influences and tells how he got the role in Black Hawk Down and what he did with it.


Visit the official Warhorse One websitee  |  Watch all Well Go USA films online | Purchase Johnny's Latest Music

About Well Go Entertainment
Well Go USA, the studio behind TRIPLE THREAT, TRAIN TO BUSAN, and the IP MAN franchise, brings the best in martial arts, action, genre, and independent films from the U.S. and worldwide to North America.

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Kandahar stars Gerard Butler and Travis Fimmel 5/26
May 17, 2023

"A CIA operative and his translator flee from special forces in Afghanistan after exposing a covert mission." This is the backbone of it but it seems like there is so much more meat:

From a September 21, 2022 article by The "screenplay comes from Mitchell LaFortune, based on his own experiences as a military intelligence officer during the Snowden leaks." And . . . " 'Kandahar is an adrenaline ride made for the big screen. Gerry, Ric, the G-BASE team and Thunder Road have outdone themselves with this pulse-pounding action [movie] that our team is looking forward to bringing to audiences everywhere,' said Open Road Films' Tom Ortenberg. Commented Director Ric Roman Waugh: 'What made Mitch LaFortune's visceral script so compelling and unique for me is its authenticity and how he humanizes not just our heroes, but all the characters portrayed in a region that's been locked in a perpetual cycle of violence.' "

It was called Mission Kandahar but since Mission: Impossible kind of owns the name, I would have removed it too. I always like to see if I can come up with a better title after I see the movie. Seems like it should be easy, but unless it 'hits' you know it's not right. Too often when they change a movie's title near release, it tanks. John Carter of Mars comes to mind—That was a great title, they should have left it alone. Also, titles too often seem like a working title but they never found anything better.



Mission: Impossible - Dade Reckoning Part One 7/12
May 17, 2023

This trailer is one I am not watching for sure! I didn't watch the 11 minute teaser either. I want to truly enjoy every second of it for the first time on the BIG SCREEN. Previews do ruin movies.

LATELY it seems they are killing off all our heroes. First Bond, then Wick, now Hunt. This is from IMDb Trivia "During an interview with Savannah Guthrie on Today Show {Tom Cruise said] that Dead Reckoning Part 1 and 2 will be his final portrayal as Ethan Hunt as well as both final main installment for good." So I guess we can expect a spectacular save-the-world death for Hunt in Part Two. I mean, Cruise is 61 and although he looks great, it can't be easy much longer with wear and tear. As Indiana Jones said, "It's not the years, it's the mileage."

In my opinion, although there are far fewer films, the Mission: Impossible series surpassed James Bond quite a while ago. Every movie is excellent and I re-watch them often. So many—especially III—seemed ahead of their time. Seriously, the Action Movie playing field is getting smaller and smaller. I used to hold out hope it wasn't a thing of its time, but so few Action Movies (like none) are made anymore, they're just movies with Action. They don't satisfy the Action Movie Essentials. I really miss the Big Beefy Hero trash talking.




The Extraction 2 Trailer is out
April 25, 2023



The London ACTION Festival—Year 2: June 21-25
April 19, 2023

"The London ACTION Festival is a world class Film & TV Festival dedicated to all things Action [sounds familiar]. It is a celebration of the skills, creativity, talent, and bravery required to create the world's most exciting content across both Film and TV.

Following a packed-out inaugural festival in July 2022, our 2023 edition will feature multiple strands where high-profile panels and screenings play alongside exhibitions, special events, merchandising, and music performances. It will see the return of our Premium Showcases, such as the incredibly popular "Friday Night Showdown", a spectacular variety show for fans of all things Action including our Moving Target Awards, along with much, MUCH more. [Their] aim is to create a genuine community spirit where just being at the Festival is as enjoyable an experience as attending the events themselves."

So I missed the 2022 PREDATOR 35th Anniversary screening with John McTiernan! (copious tears—it's my favorite movie).

Sign up for their newsletter so you won't miss anything in 2023, visit their website:

Follow @theactionfestival on instagram, @TheActionFest on twitter, and The London Action Festival on Facebook. They are also on tiktok@theactionfestival (it's locked) and reddit The Action Festival.

For all press enquiries please contact
For more information about partnerships and sponsors, please contact Emily Woods at

The only negative is the word "Actioner," which originates over the pond. I don't know why but I hate that word. It seems trite and dismissive. I am sure it's probably used affectionately, like a nickname, but it comes off like "chick" for a woman. Is it just me? It's always just me. And Action MOVIE (not film). Films are a whole other thing. And don't hate on me as if I'm American, I'm half English. My Dad was a Yorkshireman.


PLANE: Starting out 2023 with a BANG!
January 5, 2023

Mike Colter and Gerard Butler with guns in PLANE

No, I don't care about Avatar 2. THIS is the kind of movie I have been waiting to see. Anything Gerard [Jerrid] Butler I'm down for, but I am also a fan of Mike Colter who was INCREDIBLE in Black and Blue. If you didn't watch it, see it just for his performance. I really should have added him to the Action Figures (for his physique alone but . . .) after he was Luke Cage, but I've fixed that now.

According to Wikipedia, the movie was filmed in Puerto Rico so the scenery should be beautiful and I am sure the storm-torn U.S. territory could use the revenue. Collider has all there is to know about the movie, but all I need to know (besides GB) is it's rated "R". Always a good sign for violence. The article mentions (French) Director Jean-François Richet, who directed Blood Father (Mel Gibson) and won an award for his 1995 debut film. The story comes from an "upcoming" novel The Plane, and was an original pitch by the (co) Writer Charles Cumming.

Philip Sledge from begins with "Plane Has Fallen." LOL Someone had to say it. In Deadline's Hero Nation podcast appearance by Mike Colter he says (@21:22) the movie "is at its core an action film, but what's really going to make the film work is the relationship between Gerard's character and my character and how that develops and what happens during the film." That's a good sign. As action-packed as it is, we still want character development and you need to make us care. So maybe, it's a Buddy movie.



Speeding Dating action short movie poster, featuring attractive brunette with long hair in short revealing black dress, against a blood red background with a target scope. She is wearing a red-bordered white nametag with the name EMMA writen in all caps. Her pose is innocent, arms behind her back, but the slant and the slice of the title SPEED DATING suggests action. The tagline reads Surviving one date at a time...

Watch Now: Excellent Action Short Speed Dating
December 18, 2022

This movie is a hilarious 'shorthand' of speed dating and is, entertainingly, long on action. I really enjoyed watching it, more so the second time to further appreciate the direction, the sound, the acting (compliments to the cast), how it plays out, and how the ending is a commentary on the whole speed-dating process (kudos to the writing), bringing it neatly around full circle. The gun play is good, there's close-quarters fighting, and a knife fight. The title includes "Part 1" so we can look forward to more to come!

Writer/Director Jean-Paul Ly (from his IMDb bio) aka "JP" or "JPL" is an award-winning action actor based in London, from Chinese and Cambodian descent. He's also a critically acclaimed action designer, notably on Jailbreak (Best Action Feature winner at 2017 Fantasia Film Fest) and on British action comedy feature Nightshooters (nominated at 2018 Raindance for Best UK Feature). He directed his first 23 min. film, The Division - PoC in 2018. Check out his Action Reel and his Acting Reel. In this movie, he does quadruple duty as a co-Action Director (and he is also an Executive Producer).

Speed Dating has excellent production value, as you can tell by the extensive credits from YouTube, below. The star, Eloise Lovell Anderson can 'handle herself' and exudes a natural intensity. From her IMDb bio: "Eloise is a keen and strong martial artist. She trains Muay Kickboxing, Escrima (Philippine Martial Art) and handles a number of weapons and she does her own stunts." We are drawn in to the character's life and left wanting to see more. Across the board, the cast is very entertaining, doing a great deal with snippets of on-camera time.

Cast : Eloise Lovell Anderson, Michael Kodi Farrow, Rob Locke, Mia Foo, Daniel Larkai, Phoebe Rodrigues, Laurent Plancel, Michael Lagin, Ben Mars, Alex Childs, Hunter Christensen, Joe Warner, Axel Nu, Leonardo Bertolini, Rena, Asher Green, Ailis Smith, Sim Cardita, Natasha Pring
Executive Producers : JPL & Donovan Louie
Producers : Sara Sehdev, James Cummings
Associate Producers : Colin Emerson, Nathalie Ly
DP : Sam Walker
1st AD : Barnaby Boulton
VFX Supervisor : Alexandre Prodhomme ADR, Sound Design & Audio Post Production : Andrew Chappell, Plain Produxions
Score & Soundtrack : Andrew Chappell / Plain Produxions
Grading : Haroun Saifi
1st AC : Owen Diplock, Angelica Bizzo
2nd AC : Jo Savage
Gaffer : Alina KayKolosova
Spark : Stan Pro, Adam Waugh
Steadicam Op : Kate Eccarius
Sound Recordists : Rute Gomes, George Davis [instagram: @hazukisensei, @kseniaplacinska.sound, tiktok @axelnu
Hair & Make Up : Stephanie Louise
Script Editor : Mia Foo
Action Directors : JPL, Laurent Plancel
Stunt Double : Ailis Smith
Stunt Performers : Eddie Lee, Jon Alagoa, Danny Darwin, Kamran Islam, Jon Xue Zhang, Waiku Lam, Richie McDonald, Arnaud Betourne, Jake Nong
Promotional Photographer : Roberto Vivancos
Promotional Composer : Nathalie Ly
Poster Design : Mia Foo
First Aid : Simon Fitzgerald
Special Thanks: Ross Peacock, Leif Johnson, Dacio Caballero, Karanja Yorke, Overgravity Gymnastics

WATCH NOW on YouTube at BAD GUYS FILMS and like and subscribe.


Section 8 out today in Limited Release and on AMC+
September 23, 2022

What a cast! Scott Adkins, Ryan Kwanten, Dolph Lundgren, Dermot Mulroney, and Mickey Rourke. Writer Chad Law's (and Josh Ridgway's) latest Action movie Section 8 is directed by Christian Sesma and opens today as a limited release in AMC theaters in Chicago, New York, Glendale, and Rogers MN, and Royal Oak MI. It's also available on AMC+.

The trailer kicks ass! AMC+ has a 7-day free trail, so whadda you waiting for? Mr. Lundgren, Mr. Law, and Mr. Adkins are Executive Producers, so lend your support and they can keep making more Action Movies. Here's the trailer, and please keep reading below . . .

From the opening credits—they sounded and looked like they were inspired by the computer terminal buzzing and beeping in Alien—I really enjoyed it. The violence is so satisfying. The dialogue is great, with lots of funny moments. Ryan Kwanten is very convincing in this; something about him that I can't put my finger on reminds me of Tommy Lee Jones. He's very every man, but at the same time, believable, as the Super Soldier the gang bangers wished they never messed with. He's equal parts sorrow and anger, but a lean, mean, killing machine. 

The film is heavy on nudity like a throwback to 80s action, so there's an obligatory strip club scene, plus lots of boobs and buttcheeks if that floats your boat. What floats mine is that a fight with Scott Adkins almost certainly involves air time. He can throw a punch, but he can also launch a knee, or raise his foot to your throat. As much hand-to-hand fighting as went on in this film, and much of it intense, it pales to a throwdown with Mr. Adkins. Just look how airborne is. Reminds me of the "aerobatic insanity" comment about Ethan Hunt in MI:2 (@1:06:50).


Sequel + Spin-Off Announced for The Gray Man
July 27, 2022

LinkedIn News appeared in my feed that "Netflix's $200 million 'The Gray Man,' its most expensive movie to date, has quickly ascended the streamer's global Top 10 list as subscribers watched more than 88 million hours in its debut weekend. While that's far behind opening numbers for 2021's 'Red Notice' (149 million hours) and 'Don't Look Up' (111 million hours), it's still good enough that a sequel and spinoff already are in the works for the Ryan Gosling action [movie]. The news is a welcome counterpoint to the nearly 1 million subscribers Netflix lost in its second quarter." Tech Crunch quoted the Russo Brothers saying "always intended for 'The Gray Man' to be part of an expanded universe."


The Gray Man: Jack Gill Delivers Relentless Action
July 23, 2022

What's all the negative fuss about The Gray Man?! I just don't get why people are hating on it. Sometimes I think some people wait for what 'important' critics think and just hop on. If you can't see for your self that this has everything you're looking for in an Action Movie, get a grip.

It's . . . edge-of-your-seat highest-bullet-count-ever more-explosions most-property-destroyed insane-chases big-guns-you've-never-seen-before bet-Tom-Cruise-AND-Michael-Bay-loved-it . . . F-ING AWESOME! I would call it a major achievement in stuntwork and visual effects. I thought it was non-stop excitement. In one word, the action is "relentless" Everyone in it is great. I loved the writing. Seriously, it was super exciting and so satisfying. Don't listen to naysayers, it just might blow your mind. Read how it satisfies ALL my Action Movie Essentials.



The Woman King movie featuring the Agojie warriors in uniform, and armed for battle

The WOMAN King trailer . . . goosebumps . . .!
July 6, 20222

Coming to theaters September 16, 2022! SYNOPSIS: "The Woman King is the remarkable story of the Agojie, the all-female unit of warriors who protected the African Kingdom of Dahomey in the 1800s with skills and a fierceness unlike anything the world has ever seen. Inspired by true events, The Woman King follows the emotionally epic journey of "General Nanisca" (Oscar-winner Viola Davis) as she inspires the King to take on the enemies determined to violate their honor and destroy their way of life. Some things are worth fighting for  . . .."

The movie is directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood, writer and director of the widely acclaimed feature "Love & Basketball" that premiered at Sundance in 2000. Gina is a UCLA Film School graduate. She also was a member of UCLA's track and field team, qualifying for the Pac-10 Championships in the triple jump. From her IMDb bio—She is the first Black woman to direct a superhero film, "The Old Guard," based on the celebrated graphic novel by Greg Rucka for Skydance and Netflix. It premiered on July 10, 2020 to record ratings, and was the 6th most popular Netflix film of all-time. 

Gina also directed the pilot for the ABC limited event series "Women of the Movement," about Mamie and Emmett Till. , releasing theatrically September of 2022. She is proud to fund a scholarship for African American students in UCLA's film program. (SOURCE: IMDb)   |   Follow @womankingmovie on instagram.

The movie stars:

Viola Davis

Viola Davis

What a role for Viola Davis! The award winning actress is the only African-American to achieve the Triple Crown of Acting: An Oscar, an Emmy, and 2 Tony awards. She is the most impressive actor working today (in my opinion). To take on this role at 56 shows her talent, dedication, and what a powerhouse presence she is. With 4 Academy Award nominations, she is the most-nominated black actress in Oscar history (and she has won many other awards beyond the Triple Crown). Born in South Carolina, she was moved to Rhode Island at an early age. She attended Julliard where her talent was recognized, and she performed off Broadway to critical acclaim. Wikipedia reveals Davis is a second cousin of actor Mike Colter, known for portraying the Marvel Comics character Luke Cage. @violadavis on instagram |  @violadavis on twitter


Thuso Mbedu

Thuso Mbedu

Thuso is a South African actress who starred in the Amazon Video series The Underground Railroad (her international debut) and Scandal! (South African soap opera), among other roles. For The Underground Railroad, Mbedu earned a Hollywood Critics Association Award (TV Breakout Star), an Independent Spirit Award (Best Female), and a Gotham Award (Outstanding Performance). She was born in 1991 to a Zulu mother and a Xhosa and Sotho father. After her mother died when she was just 4, she was raised by her grandmother. Thuso plays Viola's character "Nanisca's" daughter "Nawi". @@thuso.mbedu on instagram | @ThusoMbedu on twitter


John Boyega

John Boyega

His full name is John Adedayo Bamidele Adegboyega. If you didn't fall in love with him as Finn in Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens, don't talk to me. He was great in that role. Born in London in 1992 (30), he's got dual citizenship with the UK and Nigeria (his parents are both of Nigerian descent). He studied acting in school (his first role was at age 9), going on to train with the Identity School of Acting in London. He spoke out  (in Hyde Park) with understandable emotion and passion in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. He said "I don't know if I'm gonna have a career after this." It only intensified our respect for him. @johnboyega on instagram | Lots more about John

LOVE these anecdotes about John from IMDb Trivia

In 2012, John went to a meeting at the Bad Robot studio. While he was waiting in the lobby, he saw J.J. Abrams and Tom Cruise walking out of an editing room. Upon seeing him, Abrams asked "Boyega, right?", which resulted in a small conversation. Abrams said that he was a huge fan of Attack the Block (2011) (John's first film) and added "We're gonna get you in something". However, John was rather starstruck by Cruise and paid little attention to what Abrams just said. In 2014, he was cast in Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens (2015), which was directed by J.J. Abrams. When Tom Cruise met John again at the Baftas, he asked "So, Star Wars, huh?", to which John happily replied "Yeah, mate".

And this:

While filming Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi (2017), he went to a strict diet and training regime. One day, he went to Carrie Fisher's trailer, telling her that he was fed up with eating healthy. She then offered him some candy that she had stashed inside her fridge. John compared that experience to walking right into a candy store. After that, he would often visit Fisher's trailer for occasional "cheat days".

John Boyega and Carrie Fisher


Lashana Lynch

Lashana Lynch

The other "007" and a striking face with big eyebrows who had "a thing for old wrecks" LOL. Another British actor, born in 1987 (35), Lashana is a graduate of the ArtsEd drama school in London. She made her film debut in 2011 in Fast Girls.  She's a smoking hot Scorpio whose presence crackles on screen. Don't deny the impact she had when you first saw the trailer for No Time to Die (I was disappointed they didn't give her more action, more screen time). She plays Captain Marvel in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (in case you needed a reason to go see it), she was also  Maria Rambeau in the 2019 Captain Marvel movie. @lashanalynch on instagram


Sheila Atim

Sheila Atim, mbe

Sheila made her professional acting debut at "Shakespeare's Globe" theatre in 2013 in a musical she co-wrote with her acting teacher. Sheila plays piano, violin, bass, and drums, and has a kind of deep, smooth, melodic voice, rich without accompaniment like Stevie Wonder. She has won a Laurence Olivier Award twice (Best Supporting Actress in a Musical and Best Lead Actress in a play). She grew up in London but was born in Uganda in 1991 (31). Her mother moved to the UK when Sheila was just five months old. Sheila graduated with a degree in biomedical science from King's College London and trained as an actor at the Weekend Arts Centre in Belsize Park. In 2019, she was named a Master of the Britist Empire (MBE) for her services to drama.


Adrienne Warren

Adrienne Warren

Adrienne is an American actress, singer, and dancer who made her Broadway debut in "Bring It On" in 2012. Born in Virginia in 1987, she is currently 35 years old. You may have seen her on "Blue Bloods," "Orange Is the New Black," or the "Black Box."

Or, you may have seen her portray Mamie Till-Mobley, the mother of Emmett Till (7/25/41-8/28/55) in the ABC series "Women of the Movement" (watch). The synopsis: "Unwilling to let Emmett's murder disappear from the headlines, Mamie chose to bear her pain on the world's stage, emerging as an activist for justice and igniting the Civil Rights movement as we know it today." What a heartbreaking role to take on. It must have been so overwhelming emotional. Mamie Till-Mobley's such a momentous figure in history that shone a spotlight on the shameful and evil face of racist white America. Adrienne also received the Tony Award for Best Actress in a Musical (and a Laurence Olivier Award nomination) for her portrayal of Tina Turner. @adriennelwarren on instagram | @adriennewarren on twitter



Prey, Predator 5 movie poster by Chris Barnes of BRUTAL Posters

PREY Movie Poster: Genius Graphic Design!
June 17, 2022

This is an incredible poster. A seemingly simple design, and yet . . . overall, the clashing color palette (red, blue-purple, lime-green/chartreuse) is so vibrant it reminds us of the first movie's thermal images. The halo of the blue-purple light source behind him could be the moon (danger is more intense in the dark) or it might be light from a spaceship—like there is danger ahead and behind him. The wispy tendrils of his hair in the light suggests the wind or motion suddenly halted.

Obviously, he's being targeted by the Predator's shoulder cannon, aka the plasmacaster, by the three red dots on his forehead. Two of the dots have triangles of red light 'pointing' to them. The third brings your attention to what might be human blood (red) and a spot of the green alien blood. The red concentric circles of the target framing his face also bring your focus to his red eyes where the silhouette of a Predator replaces the pupils (genius), and the red target rings obscure his true eye color. Also, we can see the pinpoint of red from the Predator's weapon in place of where the pupil highlight would normally be (more genius).

Next, the diagonal black streak across his forehead seems like he has been torn open to reveal the night sky and stars, echoed in the war paint across the bridge of his nose (talk about genius!). The red target circles also bring our focus down to his lips. The fact that the yellow-green of the Predator's blood has splattered on his neck and chin, and is reflected in his hair and under his nose frame the mouth. More 'stars' pour from his lips and down his chin, as warpaint, to the green line that leads you to the movie title. The fact that they wrote the word "Prey" in blood seems to suggest not necessarily that the Predator marked him as Prey, but by using green blood hints of a turnaround or reckoning from the universe. He picked the wrong rec room . . .

The liquidity of his eyes conveys so much emotion, it screams "DANGER" like a deer in the headlights, as well as his lips being slightly open (can't you hear his gasp?). The whole thing seems like it captures an instant. It can be fear, sadness, acceptance, and yet, it could also be defiance, strength (of one man and of the universe), bravery (what seems to be the rachis or shaft of a feather marks him as a "Brave"). This poster alone tells a story. Kudos to the artist, Chris Barnes (@BRUTALPosters)! He has taken this cool idea/original version WAY beyond . . . They should adopt the new one.

Release date on Hulu, August 5, 2022.

PREY Movie Poster



Snoop Dogg, Justin Yu, and JJ Perry photo from the set of Day Shift

Day Shift: JJ Perry Stakes a New Kind of Vampire Movie
June 10, 2022

There's nothing more exciting than practical stunts. This new Netflix Action Movie Directed by JJ Perry (his directorial debut and the 2nd Unit Director directorial debut of Justin Yu, at center above) stars Jamie Foxx, Scott AdkinsSnopp Dogg, and Steve Howey—you know him, the douchey-yet-hilarious "Marcus" from Something Borrowed, a movie worth watching even just for John Krasinski who steals the show . . .

ETHAN          "I won't be doing a lot of writing seeing as how I'm your sexual chaperone with Marco."

RACHEL       "Marcus."

ETHAN          "Markie."

RACHEL       "Marcus."

ETHAN          "Doesn't matter."

Well Marcus, got a serious upgrade . . . (that's Steve Howey to the right of Scott Adkins, Dave Franco, and Jamie Foxx).

Scott Adkins, Dave Franco, Jamie Foxx, and Steve Howey from the set of Day Shift

You know anything JJ Perry does will be legit action-packed. The movie's trailer was shared by Larnell Stovall on Facebook, that's an amazing endorsement and so is having Chad Stahelski praise your work. JJ was honored at the last ActionFest (in 2012) as Fight Coordinator of the Year and he was on hand to accept. Chuck Norris said "nobody deserves it more." Can't beat that!

This Action Movie will be coming to Netflix on August 12, 2022, and . . . is "Rated R for strong violence and gore, and language"! #bringtheaction The IMDb Plot reads: A hard-working, blue-collar dad just wants to provide a good life for his quick-witted 8-year-old daughter. His mundane San Fernando Valley pool cleaning job is a front for his real source of income: hunting and killing vampires."

About JJ Perry | Filmography

book cover LIFE OF ACTION by Mike FuryBorn in 1967 in Stamford, Texas (west of Dallas/Fort Worth, 2010 population 3,124), JJ Perry (Jordan Andrew Perry aka "Loco") started his martial arts training at age 7 in 1975. From his Wikipedia Bio:  JJ is a 5th-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, a 2nd-degree in Hapkido, and has experience with all kinds of weapons. He got his black belt for Tae Kwon Do at the age of 12 and competed until he was 24. He was a two-time National Junior Olympian and a Texas state champion.

From the first LIFE OF ACTION volume by Mike Fury, JJ says: "Martial Arts has always been my life and I wouldn't be anything like I am today without it. [M]e and my friends were always huge film fans so we'd play fight all the time and put together little fight scenes. In competition you train to hit as hard as you can and in practicing what is essentially choreography, you train to not hit someone, so it kind of fell right into place. "

From "His titles made him eligible for a programme in the US Army, and in 1985, he signed up as part of the 82nd Airborne Corps. Stationed at Fort Hood, Texas. JJ continued to compete in taekwondo while in the Army, becoming a two-time All-Army Champion and later becoming part of the US 1990 Olympic Taekwondo team. He travelled to Korea and trained before eventually leaving the army in 1989 and moving to California."

Besides weapons and martial arts, JJ is also skilled at riding bikes, rodeo, and he does weight lifting. He was the co-founder of Taekwondo West martial arts schools with locations in Inglewood and Venice, California. JJ speaks English, Hebrew, Korean, and Spanish.

On fight choreography, JJ shares (again, from LIFE OF ACTION, which I highly recommend and which now has volume 2):
"[D]oing something different and building an action crescendo, so the action really works in the context of the story, is what I find most challenging." Sure sounds like that is what he's exploring in Day Shift. Aren't we the the lucky ones?!

Love this shot of Scott Adkins and Jamie Foxx.  In case you missed it, check out Scott's "The Art of Action" episode 8 with JJ Perry (video below). What an incredible career! Truly, he was a part of way too many cool movies to list. He tells lots of stories, including some from The Rundown. Also, Scott praises the "violence and viciousness" of JJ's (and Larnell Stovall's) fight choreography.

Scott Adkins and Jamie Foxx on the set of Day Shift




Black Adam Trailer Opens a Can of Whop Ass
June 8, 2022

This has been a long time coming. It was first announced way back in September 2014, but The Rock was interested since November 2007, according to Wikipedia). The Rock has done SO MUCH since then, and yet, it still seems like a natural progression. He was meant for a role like this, and we've all been waiting for him to done a Superhero costume.




Prey New Predator Movie Comes to Disney+ 8/5
June 7, 2022

Super interested in the fact that the central character is a woman. I'd watch if I had Disney+ but I'm not paying for it. The only way this works is if they make us care about the central character so we root for her. In response to the question "Why do want to hunt?" She replies "Because you all think that I can't." She also says that she is "ready". So bring it on, lets see what skills she has. Really loved the "Boy Scout shit" from the original movie, so maybe—considering the timeline is in the past—that will feature prominently and it should be interesting to see how she fares against a 'superior' hunter. "It knows how to hunt. I know how to survive." "Whatever did this, I can kill it."

Plot: "The origin story of the Predator in the world of the Comanche Nation 300 years ago. Naru, a skilled female warrior, fights to protect her tribe against one of the first highly-evolved Predators to land on Earth." Naru is played by Amber Midthunder. She's described as Native American (Lakota and Assiniboine), European, Spanish, and Asian, but she play a Comanche.

Love the idea that it's set in a time where everyone needed survival and hunting skills. The tomahawk on a rope is bad ass. Also, they show a row of young Indian men. Comanches had a rite of passage for 15-16 year old boys—Wikipedia excerpt:

A boy identified not only with his father but with his father's family, as well as with the bravest warriors in the band. He learned to ride a horse before he could walk. By the time he was four or five, he was expected to be able to skillfully handle a horse. When he was five or six, he was given a small bow and arrows. Often, a boy was taught to ride and shoot by his grandfather, since his father and other warriors were on raids and hunts. His grandfather also taught him about his own boyhood and the history and legends of the Comanche.

As the boy grew older, he joined the other boys to hunt birds. He eventually ranged farther from camp looking for better game to kill. Encouraged to be skillful hunters, boys learned the signs of the prairie as they learned to patiently and quietly stalk game. They became more self-reliant, yet, by playing together as a group, also formed the bonds and cooperative spirit that they would need when they hunted and raided.

Boys were highly respected because they would become warriors and might die young in battle. As he approached manhood, a boy went on his first buffalo hunt. If he made a kill, his father honored him with a feast. Only after he had proven himself on a buffalo hunt was a young man allowed to go to war.

When he was ready to become a warrior, at about age 15 or 16, a young man first "made his medicine" by going on a vision quest (a rite of passage). Following this quest, his father gave him a good horse to ride into battle and another mount for the trail. If he had proved himself as a warrior, a Give Away Dance might be held in his honor.

Girls learned to gather berries, nuts, and roots. They carried water and collected wood, and at about 12 years old learned to cook meals, make tipis, sew clothing, prepare hides, and perform other tasks essential to becoming a wife and mother. They were then considered ready to be married.

Looks like there are some trappers in the movie as well. Hoping for LOTS of Gnarly Kills! It's the holy trinity of Action, Horror, and Sci-Fi. #bringtheaction



Tom Cruise Master Class Cannes 2022
May 18, 2022

"Hommage Á/Tribute to Tom Cruise" It's WONDERFUL that Tom Cruise is receiving this accolade/attention because there is no one who has done more to bring the big screen back post-pandemic. God bless him for his love of seeing movies in the theater!

Tom Cruise is incredible in myriad ways. This fascinating and informative conversation showcases his passion for film. Love that Maverick is doing so well in the Box Office. Can't wait to see it tomorrow! He really should have received an Oscar for Magnolia! There's nobody like him. What a career, what a life! I could transcribe the whole thing but here are the quotes I love most.

"It's a journey. The derivation of art is skill."    "I make my movies for audiences, because I'm an audience, first and foremost."

"All I can do is the best I can do every day, and that's it."  AMEN!

"It was just this constant, lifelong progression that hasn't ended. I mean, I'm still learning, I'm still exploring, I'm still trying to take this art from and push it to where I could deliver what we have with Top Gun: Maverick, with the kinds of things, visually, that we're able to do."

"With cinema, preparation is everything—even if you throw it away, it doesn't matter—you're preparing for something on camera that is immediate, is alive.  Everything I am looking for, I don't want people to see the work behind it. They don't know the work behind it and I don't want them to know them to see it, I just want them to experience the world."

That is the biggest draw for me in movies. The worlds that are created. Take Oblivion, for example, or Live Die Repeat. He does this even with Mission: Impossible because of the team and the places they go. It feels like he's bringing us along.

"It is better to create and even if you fail to some degree, I always tried to walk away with what I learned. It's always better to. It's always better to try than to not do it."

"I give my life to these."



Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning - Part One Teaser
April 14, 2022

YEAH, I'm not watching. I want to savor every moment on the big screen, but, here you go . . . TC knows Action Movies. There's no question it's going to be good. I REALLY hope they don't kill Ethan Hawke off because I am still pissed about James Bond. Anyway, I have a feeling Maverick is going to sacrifice himself for Goose's son—that's gonna suck. Action Movies should leave you feeling pumped up. No more Drama. Nobody's listening anyhow.



#expend4bles Standee Appears at CinemaCon
April 14, 2022 and both posted this The Expendables 4 "standee" (learned a new word) that was displayed at CinemaCon 2022. Stallone is neither directing nor writing on this one. Screenrant says that Stallone will exit the series with this film and let Jason Statham take over. Dammit I hate to cry at movies. Still pissed about them killing off 007. Does no one get that Action Movies are supposed to pump you up?!  We'll see but the tagline makes you wonder. Whatever the plot, TAKE MY MONEY!!!



Michael Bay directing AmbuLAnce 2022

ambuLAnce Equal Parts Chase and Crazy
April 10, 2022

From the kamikazi drone footage to the color-assault thermals to the intensely gritty flavor of L.A. to Lorne Balfe's hard-hitting score, this IS an ACTION MOVIE. Essentially about one man's desperation to find the funds for his wife's surgery, we meet his crazy 2nd generation bank-robber brother and find out he's no longer rich but still crazy. A Heist-gone-wrong chase ensues . . .


In this hilarious promotional video Jake Gyllenhaal reveals that he looked to Michael Bay's energy to create the intensity his character "Danny" needed. With what's at stake, we root for Yayah Abdul-Mateen II's character "Will" as Michael Bay shoots what seems to be a full-length Chase movie. (Michael Bay says it's a Heist movie @7:03 but there's too little on the planning of the heist and, for me, the heist is just the set-up not the meat.) The pace and the tension are heightened by a jarring Terminator-esque and musical score. An hour and a half in, I was exhausted (in a good way) and not just because of the action; a lot of that was owing to the music. It was gratifying that when I looked up the musical score to find Lorne Balf, he was the one who did the score to Terminator: Genisys! In this interview (@7:11), Balf says that's the tricky thing about a movie's theme music "either hits you, or it doesn't." In this movie, it definitely 'hits'. How great that even the score hits hard. Parts of it sounded like a racing sonogram heart beat. It was definitely not the typical bold orchestral feel of the action-blockbuster-series movies (until a little bit at the end). That music, and in so many other ways, it reminded me of The Rock (1996), the 2-dimensional characters for comic relief, but especially the style of the script. They even quote the movie.

Sean Connery quote about Losers from The Rock


There's a lot packed into this Action Movie and no shortage of Boy Toys (as one would expect with Michael Bay). The technology brought in splashes of color with thermal vision, like an periodic assault to the eyeballs. It made a nice contrast with all the black and white from the police cars, and there were SO MANY police cars! I heard "200" at one point. This might be the first movie where I thought there should be a police-car crash count. There were black and whites, blacks, and white-on-whites—all Dodge Challengers or Chargers. Never seen white-on-white police cars before. Apparently it's called "ghost graphics" (this car is a Columbia, SC police car). That looked bad ass. Check out the particulars of all the vehicles at Internet Movie Cars Database IMCDb.


Between the two police "R.V.s" (to quote Die Hard, but you knew that), the color assault thermals, the "Triggerfish" tech, and all the guns, we were already over the top when we get to the tricked-out lowriders (especially the armed 1963 Chevrolet Impala Sport Coupe). If you love cars, you'll love this movie. The cop cars fall like dominoes! Grand Theft Auto came to mind.

This was the first time I heard of "Triggerfish" (Great name because IRL trigger fish bite hard!). From Wikipedia + Arstechnica: Triggerfish is the tracking of a cellphone by a mobile FBI van (wireless intercept and tracking team) that seeks to locate a cellphone lacking GPS tracking by scanning for its emissions. They are able to intercept a cell phone call by a man-in-the-middle attack if the option is enabled and the user makes or receives a call. Triggerfish can be deployed without the user knowing about it, and without involving the cellphone provider. That may be significant because the legal rulings requiring law enforcement to meet a high "probable cause" standard before acquiring cell location records have, thus far, pertained to requests for information from providers, pursuant to statutes such as the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA) and the Stored Communications Act—so this circumvents that.

Other notable Police moments included the S.I.S. chatter (SIS stands for the Special Investigation Section, the real-life tactical surveillance unit of the LAPD) about having a strategy that was part "chess match and cage fight." But don't take yourselves too seriously. LOL


The characters were 2-dimensional in the best way—we're not here for Drama—and yet, it was super dramatic and full of emotion. Gritty L.A. streets and alleys and endless freeways helped to wind up the action. At times it felt, intentionally, like a maze. The traffic, the gridlock, the sense that everyone is always on the move there lent to the humor in the line "Guys, are we on a tour of L.A., or can we get to a hospital?" It was most definitely a tour of L.A. A little To Live and Die in L.A. with the wrong-way freeway scene, and it had to have the obligatory L.A. aqueduct chase (like Terminator 2). It really felt like Bay was making an homage to T2 when the 2 helicopters gave chase while Danny shot at them while hanging out the window. I can't say it matched the intensity but the graffiti with the eyeballs . . . WOW!  It also felt a little like Speed. What they all have in common was intensity, and they never let up.



Michael Bay's use of color in this movie as bright as the colors of 6 Underground, and it made me see what his palette is . . .


Internet Movie Firearms Database has the low down on all the weapons in this movie but the one that stood out the most was Danny's. It's a Troy M7A1 PDW. Maybe it's just the barrel of the gun, maybe it was the intensity of the character (owing to Jake Gyllenhaal's acting skills) and/or the intensity of the plot, but this is a scary-looking gun. "Michael Bay DRIVES toward to the energy of the scene." Gyllenhaal said. He really took that to heart.


In the tradition of Sylvester Stallone and Steven Seagal Action Movies, this movie has Michael Bay taking on causes, like

  • How the U.S. does not do enough for its military veterans, especially in the area of medical benefits
  • How black people have it worse when it comes to health care and
  • Most especially how they are treated differently when they are suspects
  • Or even as humans.

When Will is in custody but wounded, the callousness of the police shows in that they don't immediately get him the life-saving medical treatment he needs.

Bay included a classic Seagal Action Movie moment similar to the pimp-through-the-windshield opening credits of Out For Justice:


Here's a look at the future of Action Movies. What's not possible anymore? Creatively, this is mind blowing. ALL the "crazy" comic book angles can come to life.


Some say the sign of a great movie is they end where they started . . . "Don't let go." In that way, the movie is more about a day in the life of Eiza González's character Cam Thompson. Her character drives a lot of scenes. Would be interesting to calculate if she has the second most screen time (I think Danny has the most for sure, but I could be wrong).

I think the thing I love most about Michael Bay is how much he loves Action Movies. If you're a Michael Bay super fan too, you'll enjoy this . . .





Baytastic ambuLAnce NOW SHOWING
April 8, 2022

Baytastic News! Michael Bay's ambuLAnce is NOW SHOWING. I've really enjoyed his videos promoting the movie on social media. Can't wait to see it (and write about it) tomorrow. I'm still LOVING 6 Underground. WHAT ACTION! I'll be happy if it's even half as much fun . . .



Are you an MMA Fan? Get your favorite fighter's t-shirt!
April 2, 2022

A fellow Action Movie Freak, Graphic Designer, and super MMA fan has started this very cool website selling T-shirts:

The T-shirts are "made to represent the fighters style and personality, not a company design aesthetic, and are shipped worldwide. Each sale helps to put money in the fighters' pockets whether they are active, injured or retired. Support your favorite fighters!" The prices are reasonable too.

The artwork is excellent . . . Here are some sample of the creative [HOT!] designs . . .

You can just tell that he has a great sense of design. The images are not crazy over-sized like everything seems to be these days. It's a passion project for him, so that's amazing too.  Hope you like the shirts as much as I do!



Spiritwalker Korean Action Movie Poster Spiritwalker Korean Action Movie Poster

Spiritwalker Korean Action Movie Releases 4/12/22
March 21, 2022

IGN debuted the trailer for the South Korean action/sci-fi thriller "Spiritwalker." It will be available exclusively on the martial arts streaming service Hi-YAH! on March 18. On April 12, it goes to digital, Blu-ray, and DVD from Well Go USA Entertainment, or pre-order from Amazon.

The lead actor is the heartbreaker in the beautiful Korean Drama "Chocolate" (still on Netflix), Yoon Kye Sang. The plot summary reads "After waking up from a car crash unable to remember anything about this life, a man beings regaining consciousness in a new body every 12 hours. Now, he must piece together his identity, all while evading attacks from pursuing agents and dangerous criminals alike. But with no memory—and no allies—his time is running out."  It seems a little Inception, a little Crank, and a little Long Kiss Goodnight, maybe even a little John Wick with the dark suit and gun skills. If it's anything like The Villainess, it's sure to pack a punch. I can't wait! I already pre-ordered the DVD!

From Wikipedia:  "Yoon Kye-sang is a South Korean actor and singer. He began his career in 1999 as part of the K-pop boy band god, then left the group in 2004 and pursued an acting career. He made his acting debut in the film Flying Boys (watch here Part 1, Part 2), for which he won Best New Actor at the Baeksang Arts Awards."  



Section Eight movie poster

Chad Law "Section Eight" Another Killer Action Movie
January 6, 2022

2022 is off to a great start with this news! Writer Chad Law (#chadknowsaction) posted this poster for his latest movie (in post production/there are 4 more after this) "Section Eight." Tagline: "They Make a Killer Team." Starring . . . Scott Adkins, Dolph Lundgren, Dermot Mulroney (big fan), Mickey Rourke, Ryan Kwanten, and Robert LaSardo (Robert has over 49 movie roles in the works for 2022!). Stay tuned to IMDb for a release date.

Storyline: "After avenging the murder of his family, a former soldier is sprung from prison and recruited by a shadowy government agency." Chad is writing with Josh Ridgway, and the Director is Christian Sesma. Judging by the poster, they are going to blow shit up!

Follow @Elmberry31Chad on twitter | @lawofchad on instagram  What's it like to be a really cool action movie screenwriter? Find out more in this Action interview with Chad by action super fan and blogger, John M. Jerva.

If you are craving great Action Movies after a lean 2021, check out some of these other Chad Law movies . . .
Click on the poster for the YouTube trailer.

Hero Wanted action movie poster    The Hit List action movie poster        6 Bullets action movie poster    Drive Hard movie poster    Close Range action movie poster    Isolation movie poster      

Jarhead 3: The Siege action movie poster    Daylight's End action movie poster        The Shadow Effect movie poster    Black Water action movie poster    Hollow Point action movie poster      



Meet the new year: Same as the old year?
January 1, 2022

Are there any true Action Movies to look forward to in 2022? There are! And lots of Comic Book Movies . . .

FIRST, the Action Movies:

January 7 The 355 (PG-13 ACTION, THRILLER) I was tempted to hate on this but after seeing Ana de Armas in Bond 25, I think being beautiful and dressed in a feminine way does necessarily invalidate an action performance. As long as these women don't trip in heels, get their hair in their eyes, or lose a boob or something equally stupid and cliche, maybe they can pull it off as convincingly as Ana. That might sound hateful, especially coming from a woman, but I really REALLY want to see women in Action Movies more properly attired. Maybe it's just me . . . So we have Jessica Chastain (American), Lupida Nyong'o (British), Diane Kruger (German), Penélope Cruz (Colombian), and Bingbing Fan (Chinese) as the top agents from around the world. I like the back story of the "355"/no name. Won't it be interesting to see how these very competent agents play as 'incompetent' women. Careful. At least the screenplay had some female input.


January 7 American Siege (R ACTION, THRILLER)  Action Movie Freaks will see anything Bruce Willis is in. Despite complaining about Action Movies, he's still making them. "An ex-NYPD officer-turned-sheriff of a small rural Georgia town has to contend with a gang of thieves who have taken a wealthy doctor hostage." Looks like a version of Ransom "Give me back my son!" I'm down even though all the action will likely take place in the last 15 minutes.


February 18  Uncharted (ACTION, ADVENTURE) Game movie starring Mark Wahlberg and Tom Holland. So some fans are fussing about the casting. The movie is "a prequel to the games, starring Holland as a younger Drake, showing us details of how he came to meet and befriend Sully." I think it looks amazing and the action looks just like it does in the game. I love the casting and think they will make it great fun. Surprised to hear Led Zeppelin but love their music! AND . . . by the way "EXCLUSIVELY IN MOVIE THEATRES" so get your ass out and see it on the big screen where it should be seen.


February 22  A Day to Die (ACTION, CRIME) Directed by Wes Miller and starring Bruce Willis, Frank Grillo, Leon Robinson, and Kevin Dillon (he's great!). "A disgraced parole officer is indebted to a local gang leader and forced to pull off a series of dangerous drug heists within 12 hours in order to: pay the $2M he owes, rescue his kidnapped pregnant wife, and settle a score with the city's corrupt police chief, who is working with the gang leader and double-crossed him years ago."  Frank Grillo = Action :) Looks "gritty" and good. Hope the action is not sacrificed for the sake of the drama. Here are some behind the scenes shots:


March 25  The Lost City (ACTION, ADVENTURE, COMEDY, ROMANCE) This is so Romancing the Stone! It looks kind of stupid but stupid can be really funny. If I laugh 'til I can't breathe once, that's all I am looking for. I love Sandra Bullock and I love Channing Tatum. The rest is gravy.


March 25  Everything Everywhere All at Once (R ADVENTURE, COMEDY, SCI FI) What's this doing here with the Action Movies you ask. Michelle Yeoh. Watch the trailer and tell me you don't agree. She's killing it!


April 8 AmbuLAnce (R ACTION, CRIME, DRAMA) Directed by MICHAEL BAY! #shutupandeatyourawesome


April 8 Bullet Train (ACTION, THRILLER) Directed by David Leitch, and starring Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock, Michael Shannon, Hiroyuki Sanada, and Bad Bunny (!). Based on a bestselling novel of the same name by Japanese author Kõtarô Isaka, it is described as a dark, satirical thriller that follows the perilous train ride of five highly motivated assassins. This will hinge on great performances. I hope it's a great showcase for the talents of David Leitch and Brad Pitt. Be interesting to see how Sandra Bullock fits into this.

Brad Pitt and David Leitch Bullet Train movie



April 22 The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent  (ACTION, COMEDY)  Nicolas Cage!


April 22 The Bad Guys  (PG ACTION, ANIMATION, COMEDY)  There is tons of Action in this movie. Looks like great fun.


April 22 The Northman  (ACTION, ADVENTURE, DRAMA)  Everyone's talking about Alexander Skarsgard's already perfect physique. Anya Taylor-Joy is in this (The Queen's Gambit). She's so anime looking to me. And, she was born in MIAMI! (as exotic as this sounds, this is #soMIAMI "Anya was born in Miami, the youngest of six children. Her father is Scottish who was born in South America, and her mother is Spanish-English who was born in Zambia in Africa, to an English diplomat father and a Spanish mother from Barcelona."


April 29 Memory  (ACTION, THRILLER)  Starring Liam Neeson, Guy Pearce, Ray Stevenson, Louis Mandylor, and Monica Bellucci. "An assassin-for-hire finds that he's become a target after he refuses to complete a job for a dangerous criminal organization. A remake of the 2003 Belgian film 'The Memory of a Killer'."


May 27 Top Gun: Maverick  (PG-13 ACTION, DRAMA)   . . . TOM CRUISE The Movie Star, the Man! A sequel was inevitable. Everything Mr. Cruise does is quality so I know it will deliver.


May 27 now March 24, 2023  John Wick: Chapter 4—Hagakure  (ACTION, CRIME, THRILLER)  Delayed . .  Bound to be worth the wait but you've got to wonder where they can take the action. Wondering if the word "hagakure" was added or dropped. This very interesting article by Screen Rant has some insight into what it means. "Hagakure is a Japanese term and refers to The Book of the Samurai. The phrase can mean either "In the Shadow of Leaves" or "Hidden Leaves." Read more . . .


June 6  The Wrong Place  (THRILLER)  Bruce Willis movie. "A meth amphetamines cook hunts down the former Police chief of a small town in order to silence him before he can deliver eyewitness testimony against his family, but ultimately finds himself up against more than he had bargained for."


June 10 Jurassic World Dominion  (PG-13 ACTION, ADVENTURE, SCI FI) I guess we never tire of dinosaur movies. I even watched Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous on Netflix. "Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard star as Owen Grady and Claire Dearing and are joined by Laura Dern, Sam Neill, and Jeff Goldblum, who reprise their roles as Dr. Ellie Sattler, Dr. Alan Grant, and Dr. Ian Malcolm." Aaaah, at last a return to sarcasm. Trash talking is one of my Action Movie Essentials!



June 17 Buzz Lightyear  (PG-13 ACTION, ADVENTURE, SCI FI) Surprisingly, the back story we didn't know we really wanted.


September 30 Mission: Impossible 7  (ACTION, ADVENTURE, THRILLER)   . . . more TOM CRUISE Mission: Impossible movies overtook Bond for me a few movies ago. Tom just gets it. He understands the assignment and always exceeds expectations. M:I 3 was even ahead of its time. The stunt work is always without equal. Gotta love it!!!


December 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 . . . December 18, 2020, December 16 Avatar 2  (ACTION, ADVENTURE, SCI FI) Actors were filming a lot underwater and holding their breath for Tom-Cruise-like lengths. Not happy that Stephen Lang's character Miles Quaritch is the villain (should be the good guys), but glad they realized he was great and brought him back from the dead!

Avatar 2 concept art

Avatar 2 concept art

Avatar 2 concept art

Avatar 2 concept art

Avatar 2 concept art


Comic Book Movies

►January 28  Morbius  (PG-13 ACTION, ADVENTURE, DRAMA) Jared Leto. Enough said.


►March 4  The Batman  (ACTION, CRIME, DRAMA, MYSTERY) What is there to say about YET ANOTHER Batman movie? Robert Pattinson's teeth look funny. He can't be worse than Christian Bale (not a fan). Here's an interesting Trivia notes from IMDb: "To prepare himself for the role, Robert Pattinson wanted to absorb as much of the characters legacy as possible and read loads of different Batman comics from different eras in the months before filming started." Commendable!  And . . . "t was confirmed early on that Robert Pattinson signed a three picture deal, meaning this is to be the first film of a new Batman trilogy."


►May 6  Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness   (ACTION, ADVENTURE, FANTASY) Directed by Sam Raimi


►July 8  Thor: Love and Thunder  (ACTION, ADVENTURE, FANTASY)  From IMDb Trivia: "Chris Hemsworth, on his 8th time playing the character of Thor, achieved his biggest physique ever for this film—getting up to 231 pounds for the role. His longtime trainer, Luke Zocchi said, 'He is in phenomenal nick. He's the biggest he has ever been. He's the heaviest he's ever been.' This extent of musculature required Hemsworth to eat at least 8 times a day during the entire duration of filming just to maintain all the muscle mass he had acquired. " Oh yeah, he's jacked!

Chris Hemsworth jacked for Thor: Love and Thunder


►July 29  Black Adam  (ACTION, FANTASY, SCI FI) Starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson! "Plot unknown. A spin-off from 'Shazam!' centering on the film's anti-hero." In this first look video, Pierce Brosnan says "Nothing compares to this."


►October 7  Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse - Part One  (ACTION, ADVENTURE, ANIMATION)


►November 4  The Flash  (ACTION, ADVENTURE, FANTASY)


July 8 now November 11  Black Panther: Wakanda Forever  (ACTION, ADVENTURE, DRAMA, SCI FI, THRILLER)
Rest in Peace Chadwick Boseman . . .


►December 16  Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom  (ACTION, ADVENTURE, FANTASY) Aquaman gets to be Jason Momoa again. And the suit is dark now :(  SMH sigh . . .











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